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Monarch Status – July 2023

In the kingdom of fluttering wings, a vibrant spectacle is unfurling across the United States! The majestic Monarch butterflies are gracing us with their presence, embarking on a remarkable journey that leaves no one untouched. Here’s the current “Monarch Status,” detailing where these beautiful creatures are the most active.

Monarchs are in Alaska as well!

Currently, Wisconsin is the most flutter-filled, leading the pack with its lush gardens and wildflower meadows, serving as perfect banquet halls for our travelling Monarchs. The countryside is painted orange and black, a kaleidoscope of wings, as they stop here for rest and replenishment.

Hot on Wisconsin’s heels is Michigan. The Monarchs seem particularly fond of the Michigan lakes, perhaps finding solace in the tranquil waters. Not to mention, Michigan’s diverse flora offering ample nectar for the butterflies.

Minnesota and New England are next in line. Their rich, verdant landscapes are buzzing with activity, the air filled with the mesmerizing dance of the Monarchs. The beautiful spectacle is a sight to behold, offering a heartening display of nature’s wonders.

From the meadows of New England, the Monarchs are taking a trip down to the Midwestern states. All the way to the Rockies, they are finding plenty of places to rest their wings and feed their appetite. Fields of wildflowers are bustling with Monarchs, creating a mesmerizing sight. Colorado and Nebraska are enjoying many Monarchs.

Following the call of the orange groves, the Monarchs are also making their mark in sunny California and Florida. Oranges may be their draw, but the diverse plant life in these states provides the perfect respite on their journey, making them an essential part of the Monarchs’ migratory path.

Each state’s natural beauty offers a unique backdrop to this awe-inspiring phenomenon. With the Monarchs gracing our skies, it is indeed a time to celebrate nature’s splendors and the incredible journey of these beautiful creatures. Remember, wherever you are in the U.S., look up, you might just spot a Monarch dancing in the wind!

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