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About Us: Johnny Butterflyseed

Welcome to Johnny Butterflyseed, your trusted source for Larval Host Plant seeds! While we supply Larval Host, Nectar, and Shelter Plants for all of North America, we are a Florida Licensed Seed Dealer, specializing in propagating Florida Native seeds to support butterfly populations. We’re proud to be the first Seed-Only Dealer member of the Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN) and PlantRealFlorida.org.

Our Journey

Nearly two decades ago, Johnny embarked on a life-altering journey into the world of ecology and lepidopterology. Inspired by his fairy friend, Raven Silverwing, Johnny discovered the critical role of Milkweed as the “Larval Host Plant” for Monarch Butterflies. This revelation ignited a passion that has since led the team to install countless butterfly gardens, Monarch waystations, and Milkweed patches across the Midwest, down to Florida. They have since obtained multiple conservation areas across Florida’s enchanted Lake Wales Ridge, where they gather and share no more than 10% of the seeds available, following Center for Plant Conservation Guidelines; and oftentimes much less than 10%.

Our Mission

  1. Educate: We aim to be a comprehensive educational resource for understanding the significance of Larval Host Plants, starting with the Lake Wales Ridge, expanding to all of Native Florida, and ultimately covering all of North America, including Canada, Mexico and the United States.
  2. Seed Sales: Through our website, we offer a curated selection of Larval Host Plant seeds that are essential for supporting native butterfly populations.
  3. Grow Butterflies: Our ultimate goal is to help people across North America, wherever Monarch Butterflies should be found, to become Butterfly Farmers—defined by Johnny as “Anyone who creates and maintains sustainable butterfly habitats with Milkweed and nectar plants to help Monarch butterflies live and migrate. It’s not a business, it’s a mission!

Thank You

Join us on this transformative journey to create sustainable habitats for butterflies and to help ensure that these awe-inspiring creatures continue to enrich our world. Thank you for planting more milkweed. And thank you for being a part of our mission.. one day at a time!🦋🌱

Cultivating Butterfly Habitat, One Seed at a Time

Our mission is grounded in supporting the survival and prosperity of butterflies by providing carefully sourced and region-specific larval host plant seeds. We understand the critical role these host plants play in the life cycle of butterflies, particularly the iconic Monarch butterfly. With unwavering dedication, we strive to create butterfly habitats that sustain these magnificent creatures, allowing them to grace our landscapes with their iridescent beauty.

About Johnny Butterflyseed: Nurturing Nature’s Grace through Butterfly Larval Host Plants and Fairy Art

At Johnny Butterflyseed, we embrace the delicate dance between nature and artistry, fostering a harmonious sanctuary where butterflies and humans unite in wonderment. As a dedicated supplier of butterfly larval host plant seeds, our focus lies on nurturing the enchanting world of butterflies, with a spotlight on Milkweed seeds, Passionvine seeds, and other essential species. We find our inspiration within the enchanting realms of the Lake Wales Ridge, Florida, USDA Zones 9&10, and throughout North America.

Where Art and Nature Unite: A Whimsical Journey

Beyond being ardent seed suppliers, we’re also artists, dreamers, and believers in the unseen wonders of the world. We embrace the idea that fairies, our Fairy Guidemothers, gracefully guide us to milkweed-rich locations and areas that need their presence. Our Fairy Guidemothers serve as enchanting muses, inspiring our unique butterfly art, which includes original photographic prints, mesmerizing acrylic and oil on canvas creations, and other artistic marvels.

Discover the Realm of Fairy Cards

In our fantastical world, we capture the essence of these Fairy Guidemothers in glossy prints called Fairy Cards, reminiscent of baseball cards. These collectible treasures offer glimpses into the ethereal world, creating an enchanting experience that celebrates the coexistence of art and nature.

Seeds of Enchantment: Unraveling Our Offerings

We cater to both butterfly enthusiasts and budding conservationists, offering an array of products and services designed to inspire and cultivate a shared love for butterflies:

1. Seed Packs:

Delight in our thoughtfully curated seed packs, including Milkweed and Passionvine seeds, among others, tailored to your specific region. Plant the seeds, and witness the magical transformation of your space into a thriving butterfly haven.

2. Subscription Seed Service:

Join our exclusive Subscription Seed Service, where every month, you’ll receive a magical seed pack along with delightful gifts and surprises that transport you to the whimsical world of butterflies.

3. Consultation Services:

Embark on a transformative journey with our butterfly garden and Monarch waystation installation consultation services. Our dedicated team will guide you in creating a haven that entices and nourishes these enchanting creatures.

4. On-Staff Children’s Book Author

Our team features its own children’s book author, speaker, and Champion for Change to major corporations such as Best Buy, Cargill, Thompson Reuters and more. Armed with the full power of the spoken word, we are a voice for Monarch Butterflies.

5. On-Staff Ecologist:

Our esteemed team boasts an on-staff ecologist, an expert in the endangered species of the Lake Wales Ridge. With a wealth of knowledge, we ensure that every decision we make aligns with our conservation efforts.

6. Research and Conservation:

Our commitment to the preservation of butterflies extends to research conducted on our conservation land on the Lake Wales Ridge. Here, we gather seeds following the esteemed guidelines of the Center for Plant Conservation.

Let Nature and Art Unfold: Embrace the Enchantment

At JohnnyButterflyseed, we invite you to be a part of our journey, where nature’s grace and artistic wonders unite to form a tapestry of enchantment. Whether you’re a passionate butterfly advocate, an art enthusiast, or someone seeking to make a meaningful impact on the environment, our offerings welcome you with open wings.

Together, let’s preserve the magic of butterflies and weave a tale of everlasting beauty that flutters through generations to come. Unleash your imagination, and embrace the enchantment at Johnny Butterflyseed… one day at a time!