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Larval Host Plants

Vascular plants that are required by the larva of Butterflies (Papilionoidea)

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Germinating Dormant or Hardened Saw Palmetto Drupes: Exploring the Role of the Endocarp

The journey of germinating Saw Palmetto drupes with the endocarp intact requires an understanding of the seed’s anatomy and how each layer interacts with the environment. While removing the endocarp can aid in speeding up germination, it comes with its risks. Scarification, with methods like the rock tumbler, offers an alternative that can encourage faster germination without the potential downsides of complete endocarpal removal.

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What’s the Difference Between Sabal Etonia and Sabal Minor?

Both species are resistant to a variety of environmental conditions, making them valuable for landscaping in their native regions. When trying to distinguish them in the wild or in cultivation, considering their habitat, leaf shape, and the length of the inflorescence can be helpful.

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Hairy Balls Found Down Under!! The Milkweed That’s a Butterfly Magnet

Hairy Balls are more than just a conversation starter; they’re a butterfly haven and a testament to the weird and wonderful world of flora. Whether you’re in the southern U.S., northern Mexico, or Australia, this plant offers something for everyone—both in laughs and ecological benefits.