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The Great Migration of the Monarch Fairies

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In a hidden realm, just beyond the veil of human sight, Queen Venus Goldwing, the Fairy Guidemother, ruled over the Monarch Butterfly Fairies. These fairies were not just any fairies; they held the secrets of nature and were the guardians of the enchanting Monarch butterflies.

Every year, as the leaves began to tint with the colors of sunset, Queen Venus would summon all the Monarch butterflies to the mystical heart of Mexico. This grand gathering was not just a reunion, but a census count to ensure the well-being of the Monarchs and assess the balance of nature.

However, over the years, Queen Venus began to notice a troubling trend. Each year, fewer and fewer butterflies would make the journey to the gathering. Whispered worries spread among the fairy folk about the dwindling numbers of their beloved Monarchs.

Gathering her council of wise fairies, Queen Venus sought solutions. “We must find out the cause,” she declared, her golden wings shimmering with determination.

Monarch Butterfly Fairies, like Raven Silverwing, can drink flower nectar just like the butterflies over which they watch.

After much investigation, the fairies discovered the reason for the decline: the Monarchs’ precious milkweed plants were disappearing from the human world. These plants were essential, not just as food for the Monarch caterpillars but as a place of safety and transformation.

Not a milkweed in sight. This was not the case one hundred years ago, when most farms had lots of Milkweed patches around their edges.

Desperate to save her beloved butterflies, Queen Venus hatched a plan. She decided to send emissaries to the human realm, disguised as Monarchs, to spread the word about the importance of milkweed.

Raven Silverwing changed into a butterfly.

As the Monarch emissaries fluttered into gardens, parks, and meadows, they would whisper to the humans they encountered, “Plant More Milkweed, anywhere and everywhere.”

And slowly, something magical happened. Children would tug at their parents’ sleeves, pointing at the delicate butterflies and echoing their message,

“We need to plant more milkweed!”

Gardeners, farmers, and nature lovers all joined the cause, sowing seeds and watching as milkweed began to bloom across the land.

A field of Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) in Maine.

With each passing year, the journey to Mexico saw an increase in Monarchs, their numbers growing stronger and more vibrant. The heart of Queen Venus swelled with gratitude towards the humans who had heeded the call.

And so, every year, as the Monarchs gathered in Mexico, the air would shimmer with fairy magic, celebrating not just the butterflies but the bond between humans and nature. The tale of the Fairy Guidemother and her plea for milkweed became a cherished legend, a reminder that every creature, no matter how small, plays a vital role in the tapestry of life.

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