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Black Friday Deal: Butterfly Bundle

Johnny Butterflyseed has Black Friday covered! Get prepared for spring while getting ready for the holidays.

We are offering The Adventures of Johnny Butterflyseed author-signed, first edition book bundled with three Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) Seed Packs, with Free Shipping.. all for $22!

COUPON CODE: ‘ButterflyBundle’

That’s nearly an $8 value, shipping costs included. Approximately a 33% off!

Simply add the book, and three seed packs to your cart, choose Free Shipping, and apply the coupon, It should total $22, plus any applicable taxes.

A cart properly configured with Coupon Code ‘ButterflyBundle’

This coupon will be available until Christmas 2021, but shipping will be via USPS Media Rate so check their schedule to ensure delivery times through the holidays.

“The best way to increase Monarch Butterflies is to.. Plant More Milkweed!”

Johnny Butterflyseed

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