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Is Black Drink Holly Good for Butterflies?

Yes, Black Drink Holly (Ilex nigrumpotum) is good for butterflies because it acts as a host plant for butterfly larvae. Several butterfly species utilize Black Drink Holly as a food source for their caterpillars. For example, the Henry’s Elfin butterfly (Callophrys henrici) and the Duskywing butterflies (Erynnis spp.) are known to lay their eggs on Black Drink Holly.

The dense foliage of Black Drink Holly provides shelter and protection for butterfly larvae as they feed on the leaves. It offers an important habitat for the different stages of butterfly development, from eggs to caterpillars. Additionally, the berries produced by female yaupon holly plants can be a valuable food source for adult butterflies as well as birds and some mammals.

If you are interested in attracting butterflies to your garden or creating a butterfly-friendly habitat, incorporating Black Drink Holly into your landscape can be a beneficial choice. Just ensure that you have both male and female plants if you want to have berries for the adult butterflies. They are a bit flammable as well, so don’t plant them next to buildings.

Black Drink Holly will bring more wildlife to your landscape… one day at a time!

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