New Farmers

Anyone new to raising butterflies, and the farming required to feed them.

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How Can I Create a Monarch Butterfly Waystation?

A Monarch Butterfly Waystation is a designated area that provides essential resources for monarch butterflies during their migration and breeding cycles. Creating a Monarch Butterfly Waystation involves meeting certain requirements to ensure the availability of food, shelter, and breeding habitats for monarch butterflies. Here are the key elements typically needed […]

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The Many Names of Asclepias Tuberosa

Most commonly known as “Butterflyweed,” Asclepias tuberosa might be the most widely distributed milkweed species in North America. It is certainly native to most areas of North America. Other names include “Orange Butterflyweed,” and “Butterfly Milkweed,” both of which are accurate, in that they are orange, and butterflies love them, […]