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The Dazzling Dancing Danaus Plexippus

In meadows where the milkweeds bloom,

A dance begins, dispelling gloom,

The Danaus plexippus takes the stage,

A Monarch’s flight, a timeless age.

With wings of orange, black, and white,

They dance through day and into night,

A dazzling display, a ballet so grand,

Across open fields and forested land.

They flutter and twirl, a waltz in the air,

Graceful and free, without a care,

A symphony of movement, nature’s own art,

A dance that captures every heart.

From flower to flower, they take their bow,

Each movement a statement, a solemn vow,

To live with purpose, to embrace each breeze,

A dance of life among the trees.

In gardens and wilds, they find their place,

A dance of survival, a gentle embrace,

The Danaus plexippus, a Monarch so true,

A dazzling dancer just for you.

So let us honor this butterfly’s flight,

A dance of beauty, pure delight,

For in its wings, we find a key,

A dance of nature, wild and free.

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