Milkweed Seed Subscription Kit (6 Months Total)


Monthly Milkweed Seed Kit includes multiple milkweed species, nectar and shelter plant seeds, fairy prints suitable for framing, and more! $126 value at $48 or $8/mo.


🦋 Introducing our Florida Exclusive Johnny Butterflyseed Milkweed Seed Subscription Kit – a gift to yourself, to nature, and to the enchanting, fluttering creatures we all cherish! 🌿


Every month for six months, your mailbox will receive a treasure trove of seeds – native milkweed species to create a haven for the butterfly species of Florida. Our subscription goes beyond milkweed; we’ve hand-selected a variety of bonus nectar and shelter plant seeds to transform your garden into a vibrant, biodiverse paradise.🌼


Wait, there’s more! Every subscription also comes with a charming butterfly fairy print, perfect for framing. This ethereal artwork is sure to add a magical touch to your space, inspiring you each time you glance at it.


But we haven’t stopped there. In our commitment to the preservation and propagation of endangered species, we’re including endangered seeds in at least two of your monthly parcels. And when the season is right, we’ll surprise you with an assortment of native grasses to further enrich your garden’s biodiversity.


This offer isn’t just about quantity; it’s about quality, sustainability, and a passion for preserving our precious ecosystem. And to put the cherry on top, we offer free shipping on all our subscriptions!


This offer is exclusive to the state of Florida. We’ve painstakingly tailored the selection to thrive in the Sunshine State, ensuring the best possible environment for your winged visitors.


Join us today in creating a greener, more beautiful, and butterfly-filled world. Give your garden the gift of life, and in return, experience the sheer joy of witnessing nature’s winged jewels fluttering right in your backyard. 💚🦋


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