Milkweed Seed Kit (Single)


Milkweed Seed Kit includes multiple milkweed species, nectar and shelter plant seeds, fairy prints suitable for framing, and more! $21 value at $12



Discover the enchantment of nature with the Johnny Butterflyseed Milkweed Seed Kit – your gateway to nurturing biodiversity right in your backyard! 🌱

Dive into a world where your garden becomes the heart of ecological vibrancy. Our carefully curated kit is packed with native Milkweed seeds, featuring at least two distinct species of this vital plant, cherished by the spellbinding Monarch and Queen butterflies of Florida.

Yet, the wonders within this kit extend beyond Milkweed. We’ve enriched it with an array of bonus seeds for Florida Native nectar and shelter plants, transforming your garden into a bustling haven for butterflies and other pollinators. 🦋

As a token of our gratitude and a symbol of beauty, each kit includes an exquisite butterfly fairy print. This stunning artwork serves not just as decor but as a daily reminder of the beauty of nature and our role in its preservation.

Our dedication to conserving biodiversity is evident in every seed selection, especially with the inclusion of endangered species and native grasses, season permitting. Your garden will bloom into a vibrant representation of Florida’s unique ecosystem.

Join us on a journey beyond mere gardening – embark on a mission to foster a sustainable environment. This kit isn’t merely a collection of seeds; it’s a step towards cultivating a lasting legacy of ecological stewardship. Tailored specifically for Florida’s distinctive climate, this exclusive offering is your chance to make a difference… one seed at a time! 💚🦋


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