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Meet the Author

Tarisa Parrish is a butterfly farmer whose quest to save the monarch butterflies from extinction has resulted in a nationwide educational campaign. Her ecology expertise, along with the children's illustrated book The Adventures of Johnny Butterflyseed explains how families can do their part by planting more milkweed and raising monarch butterflies. Tarisa and her partner, Michael Vera, live in central Florida and are the owners of the online educational store, Johnny Butterflyseed (johnnybutterflyseed.com). The site engages new butterfly farmers, teaching them about the butterfly lifecycles, growing butterfly gardens, and how to get involved with nonprofit organizations focused on saving butterflies. Tarisa prides herself on being a citizen scientist with a lifetime passion for nature, as well as a powerful advocate for its preservation and the saving of endangered species. Tarisa's mission to save the monarchs has been featured on numerous television, radio, podcast interviews all over the country and her acclaimed book has delighted children, parents and teachers with its ecologically-noble mission.

About the book

Johnny Butterflyseed and his fairy friend, Raven Silverwing, embark on a mission to save the rapidly disappearing butterflies. They enlist the help of Queen Venus Goldwing and her kingdom of monarchs to educate and inspire kids to become butterfly farmers. At first, Johnny faces his own internal struggle with self- doubt and fear in his ability to make a difference, but then soon develops a mindset that allows him to not only get started, but also make progress one day at a time. Through challenge after challenge, Johnny learns that he is not alone in his mission and that there are many people who want to help. Together, Johnny, Raven, and Queen Venus educate thousands of children on becoming butterfly farmers.Perfect for shared reading in and out of the classroom, The Adventures of Johnny Butterflyseed is also a great gift for anyone who loves butterflies and wants to join in the mission to save them. The story engages readers, teaching them intriguing facts about the butterfly lifecycle and the challenges butterflies face, through a heartwarming, fictional approach.There are plenty of "soft-skill" teachable moments about having a can-do spirit and how everyone can take things one day at a time in order make a big difference. This is all done in a light, fun, and magical way through enchanting characters.

A Conversation with Tarisa Parrish

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