Monarch Dreams Acrylic on Canvas (32″x40″)


A girl who dreams of butterflies rare, with wings that whisper hope in the air. 32″x40″ acrylic on canvas. Free shipping.


In slumber’s tender embrace, she lies,

A girl with dreams that touch the skies.

Her mind takes flight on whims unseen,

Where Monarch Butterflies grace her dreams.


Within her realm, a magical sight,

A world of orange and black takes flight.

A symphony of delicate wings unfurled,

As Monarchs dance in a waltz, entranced, twirled.


She stands amidst a meadow’s bloom,

Her heart alight, dispelling gloom.

Monarchs swarm, a fluttering cascade,

Whispering secrets in their charmed parade.


Each butterfly whispers tales untold,

Of journeys far, of stories bold.

Their wings, a vibrant canvas of art,

Painting hope upon her slumbering heart.


Their flight ignites her spirit’s fire,

Igniting passions and desires.

With grace, they guide her through the night,

Filling her dreams with pure delight.


She dances with them, hand in wing,

Her soul awakened, ready to sing.

In their presence, she finds solace deep,

As Monarchs, her soul, they gently keep.


And as the dawn begins to break,

She wakes, but memories won’t forsake.

For in her heart, a dream’s embrace,

Of Monarch Butterflies in boundless grace.


Forever held, that enchanting flight,

She carries their magic, pure and bright.

A girl who dreams of butterflies rare,

With wings that whisper hope in the air.


Acrylic on canvas. 32″x40″. 1280in.sq.

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions32 × 40 × 1 in


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