5 Florida-Native Simpson’s Stopper Twinberry Seeds – Free Shipping


Johnny Butterflyseed Simpson’s Stopper Seeds (Myrcianthes fragrans) – Pack of 5, Florida Native, Conservation Status: State Threatened – Only $4.99!

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Embrace the native beauty of Florida and contribute to the conservation effort with Johnny Butterflyseed’s premium quality Simpson’s Stopper (Myrcianthes fragrans) seeds. Specially curated for gardening enthusiasts and conservationists alike, this pack offers five robust seeds, primed to blossom into the lush, evergreen shrub adorned with beautiful white blossoms and colorful berries.

Key Features:

Florida Native: Sourced directly from the natural habitats of the Sunshine State, these seeds promise authentic genetics and optimal growth within their native range.

Conservation Status – State Threatened: Play a direct role in the preservation of this precious species, classified as State Threatened, by cultivating it in your own garden. Your green space can be a sanctuary!

Beyond Florida: While a celebrated Florida native, the Simpson’s Stopper thrives in various regions across the United States and parts of Central America and the Caribbean, showcasing its adaptability and resilience.

Butterfly Shelter Plant: More than just an ornamental gem, the Simpson’s Stopper serves as a critical shelter plant for native butterflies. Its dense foliage creates a safe haven for pupation, supporting the life cycle of these enchanting pollinators.

Planting and Care:

Planting Johnny Butterflyseed’s Simpson’s Stopper seeds invites a world where nature and aesthetics merge seamlessly. Adaptable and resilient, these seeds are tailored for both novice gardeners and seasoned horticulturists. With minimal care, watch them sprout into an elegant shrub, boasting glossy green leaves that contrast stunningly against its delicate white flowers and vibrant berries.

Fill a container or pot with well-draining soil mix enriched with organic matter. Plant the seeds about 1/4 inch deep and lightly cover them with soil.

Conservation Impact:

Each purchase is a step towards biodiversity, supporting not just the preservation of the Simpson’s Stopper but also offering a natural habitat for Florida’s native butterflies. Witness the captivating dance of butterflies seeking refuge and sustenance amidst the blossoming branches of the Simpson’s Stopper, a testimony to nature’s interconnected symphony.

Order Now:

Embark on a journey of ecological enrichment and aesthetic pleasure with Johnny Butterflyseed’s Simpson’s Stopper Seeds. At only $4.99, transform your garden into a vibrant ecosystem teeming with life and color, where every leaf and bloom echoes the song of nature’s harmony.

Safety & Sustainability:

All seeds are ethically sourced and packaged, adhering to stringent quality and safety protocols, ensuring not just plant health but also the wellbeing of the ecosystems from which they are derived.

Indulge in the luxury of nature, embrace biodiversity, and become a custodian of Earth’s precious flora with Johnny Butterflyseed. Every seed sown is a melody of nature’s harmony echoed, a testament to the timeless dance of existence. Grab your pack, and let’s sow seeds of life, together!


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