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With Johnny Butterflyseed’s Sandhill Milkweed seeds, you’re not just planting flowers; you’re cultivating a living mosaic of nature’s marvels. Florida Native. Free shipping.

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Discover the enchanting beauty of Sandhill Milkweed, also known as Pinewoods Milkweed (Asclepias humistrata), a treasure trove for pollinators and a vital haven for the majestic Monarch butterflies.

With its delicate white or lavender blossoms, this milkweed not only offers a feast of nectar to a myriad of pollinators but also serves as a crucial nursery for Monarch caterpillars. The caterpillars thrive on the plant’s toxic latex, a natural defense that armors them against predators.

Each seed packet from Johnny Butterflyseed cradles over 20 precious “Sandhill Milkweed” or “Pinewoods Milkweed” seeds, thoughtfully packaged in an eco-friendly kraft paper envelope. These seeds are gently and ethically hand-collected from the biodiverse haven of Johnny’s conservation land, nestled in the heart of the Lake Wales Ridge in Polk County, Florida. Adhering to the Center for Plant Conservation Best Practices, we ensure each seed is a testament to our commitment to preserving Florida’s native flora.

Native Range

Our Sandhill Milkweed seeds are sourced from our private conservation lands in Polk County, Florirda, USDA Zone 9b and sometimes 10. Pinewoods Milkweed hail from a lineage that freely roams the southeastern states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina. They are ideally suited for locales where the Gopher Tortoise wanders, echoing the interconnected tapestry of life that thrives in these regions.

Growing Instructions

Embrace the joy of nurturing these native beauties by planting the seeds just a whisper below the surface (1/4″) in sandy soil. Ensuring daily watering will foster the seedlings into vibrant life within 1-3 weeks. Asclepias humistrata flourishes in sandy, well-drained soils kissed by the sun. However, it may struggle to sustain in dense sod grass environments. We encourage consulting with your local herbarium to verify that Asclepias humistrata is a recognized native or naturalized species in your state and county, fostering a garden that resonates with the harmony of local ecosystems.

Embark on a journey with us to nurture a piece of Florida’s wild heart in your garden, inviting the dance of butterflies and the buzz of pollinators to your very doorstep. With Johnny Butterflyseed’s Sandhill Milkweed seeds, you’re not just planting flowers; you’re cultivating a living mosaic of nature’s marvels.

Why Johnny Butterflyseed says, “Plant more Milkweed!”:

Monarch Butterflies, those vibrant symbols of natural beauty and indicators of a healthy ecosystem, rely on Milkweed plants as the sole nursery for their offspring. It is on the leaves of Milkweed that Monarchs lay their precious eggs, and these leaves also serve as the vital first meals for emerging Monarch caterpillars. Beyond nutrition, Milkweed’s unique milky latex contains compounds that arm the caterpillars with a bitter taste, deterring would-be predators and affording these tiny creatures a chance to grow, transform, and grace our skies.

By choosing to plant these seeds, you’re not just beautifying your space; you’re becoming a vital link in the chain of Monarch conservation, offering a haven for these butterflies and countless other pollinators. You’re planting hope, one seed at a time.

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