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Dahoon Holly, known scientifically as Ilex Cassine, is an evergreen shrub to small tree that plays a crucial role in local ecosystems, providing butterfly shelter and sustenance to a variety of wildlife.

For wetland areas of the U.S. Southeast. USDA Zones 7-11. 20 seeds. Source: Polk County, Florida.

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Immerse your garden in the beauty and ecological harmony of Florida with Johnny Butterflyseed’s Florida-Native Dahoon Holly Seeds. Sourced directly from our cherished conservation land along the Lake Wales Ridge in Polk County, Florida, these seeds promise to bring a touch of the state’s natural splendor to your home. Dahoon Holly, known scientifically as Ilex Cassine, is an evergreen shrub to small tree that plays a crucial role in local ecosystems, providing butterfly shelter and sustenance to a variety of wildlife.

Native Range and Habitat

Dahoon Holly is indigenous to the Southeastern United States, thriving in the wetland areas of Florida’s Lake Wales Ridge. It prefers moist soils and can commonly be found along streams, ponds, and other wetland habitats, making it a resilient and adaptable addition to your garden.

Uses to Butterflies and Wildlife

Shelter Plant: With its dense foliage, Dahoon Holly offers excellent shelter for butterflies, providing a safe haven from predators and harsh weather conditions.

Nectar Source: The plant’s small, white flowers are not only a sight to behold but also a valuable nectar source for butterflies and other pollinators, supporting biodiversity in your garden.

Birds and Animals: The bright red berries, which appear in fall and persist through winter, are a vital food source for a variety of birds, including the American Robin, Cedar Waxwing, and other native species. Small mammals also benefit from the shelter and food provided by Dahoon Holly.

Germination Instructions

1. Stratification: Dahoon Holly seed germination rates benefit from cold stratification, but it is not required. Mix the seeds with slightly moist sand and store them in the refrigerator for 60-90 days before planting.

2. Sowing: After stratification, sow the seeds in a well-draining soil mix, covering them lightly. Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.

3. Location: Choose a spot with full sun to partial shade for optimal growth.

USDA Zones and Growing Requirements

USDA Zones: Dahoon Holly is suited for growth in USDA Zones 7-11, making it a versatile plant for various Florida landscapes.

Watering: Initially, water the seedlings regularly to establish a strong root system. Mature plants are drought-tolerant but thrive with occasional watering during prolonged dry spells.

Soil: Prefers acidic to neutral, moist soils but can adapt to a range of soil conditions.

Maintenance: Pruning is seldom necessary but can be done to maintain the desired shape and size. Makes a great bonsai tree.

Additional Benefit – Caffeine Content

An intriguing aspect of Dahoon Holly (Ilex Cassine) is its leaves’ caffeine content, a characteristic it shares with a few other members of the holly family. This natural caffeine makes Dahoon Holly leaves a valuable resource for creating a stimulating tea, akin to the traditional use of yerba mate or guayusa. Cultivating your own Dahoon Holly not only connects you to the ecological tapestry of Florida but also offers the unique opportunity to harvest and enjoy a naturally caffeinated beverage from your garden. Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or simply curious about the multifaceted uses of native plants, Dahoon Holly presents a blend of ecological beauty and practical human benefits.


Johnny Butterflyseed’s Florida-Native Dahoon Holly Seeds offer an opportunity to cultivate a piece of Florida’s unique ecosystem in your own backyard. By choosing these seeds, you’re not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden but also contributing to the conservation of local wildlife and pollinator species. Embrace the natural beauty and ecological benefits of Dahoon Holly and witness your garden transform into a vibrant sanctuary for butterflies, birds, and more.


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