100 Purple Coneflower Seeds (Echinacea purpurea) for North America – Free Shipping


Purple Coneflower Seeds (Echinacea purpurea) for all of North America. USDA Zones 3-9. Free Shipping. More than 100 seeds.

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100 Purple Coneflower Seeds (Echinacea purpurea)

Elevate your North American butterfly garden with the vibrant and charismatic Purple Coneflower! These seeds are specifically harvested for gardens aiming to attract a myriad of butterfly species. Watch your outdoor space transform into a lively, fluttering oasis as these flowers bloom.

Product Details:

Seed Count: More than 100 seeds per packet.
Plant Type: Perennial.
Flower Color: Lavender-purple petals with spiky orange-brown centers.
Bloom Time: Early summer to fall.
Height: Grows 2-4 feet tall.
Spacing: Plant seeds about 12-18 inches apart.
Zones: Hardy in USDA zones 3-9 which is all of North America from Mexico to Canada.

Key Features:

1. Butterfly Attraction: Invites species like the Monarch, Black Swallowtail, Painted Lady, and more.
2. Drought Tolerant: Perfect for gardens in areas prone to dry spells.
3. Beneficial for Pollinators: Besides butterflies, attracts bees and other beneficial insects.
4. Naturalizing: Seeds will easily reseed, making them perfect for a wilder garden appearance.
5. Medicinal Properties: Historically used by indigenous North Americans for various ailments.

Planting Instructions:

1. Soil: Well-drained soil. Can tolerate a variety of soil types.
2. Light: Prefers full sun but can tolerate light shade.
3. Sowing: Direct sow in late fall or stratify and sow in spring. Cover lightly with soil.
4. Watering: Water regularly after planting until plants are established. Drought tolerant once mature.
5. Care: Minimal maintenance required. Deadheading can prolong the blooming period.

Note: Our seeds are 100% non-GMO and packaged with care to ensure maximum germination rate and healthy growth.


We tested the germination rate of these seeds at greater than 90% as of 09/2023. However, individual results vary, and your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with our Purple Coneflower seeds, or if they do not germinate, please contact us for germination assistance, replacement, or a full refund for unopened seeds.


Add these seeds to your cart today and let your garden be the talk of the butterfly realm! 🦋🌸


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