10 Black Drink Holly (Ilex nigrumpotum) Black Holly Yaupon Seeds – Free Shipping


10 seeds of the Florida-native, Black Drink Holly (Ilex nigrumpotum) also known as Yaupon.


Ethically-gathered, Florida-native, Black Drink Holly (Ilex nigrumpotum), 10 seeds. Free shipping.

Formerly known as Yaupon (Ilex vomitoria), Black Drink Holly (Ilex nigrumpotum) contains a measurable amount of caffeine, and was used by Native Americans to make “Black Drink.” It is one of only two North American species with caffeine.


Black Drink Holly is an evergreen shrub or small tree reaching 5–9 m tall, with smooth, light gray bark and slender, hairy shoots. The leaf arrangement is alternate, with leaves ovate to elliptical and a rounded apex with crenate or coarsely serrated margin, 1–4.5 cm long and 1–2 cm broad, glossy dark green above, slightly paler below. The flowers are 5–5.5 mm diameter, with a white four-lobed corolla. The fruit is a small round, shiny, and red (occasionally yellow) drupe 4–6 mm diameter containing four pits, which are dispersed by birds eating the fruit. The species may be distinguished from the similar Ilex cassine by its smaller leaves with a rounded, not acute apex.

Black Drink Holly are dioecious and as such have a male and a female. Both are required for berries to be produced. Plant twice as many as you think you should.

You will receive 10 seeds in a kraft paper envelope.

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