we SUPPLY Seeds for butterfly larval host plants ACROSS florida and throughought north america.


Larval Host Plant Seeds

All butterflies require a specific plant or family of plants for their eggs and caterpillars.

Nectar Plant Seeds

Adult butterflies and other pollinators require the quick fuel of flower nectar. Now that’s Flower Power.

Shelter Plant Seeds

Butterfly caterpillars need to build their chrysalis in strong shrubs, bushes, and trees with woody stems, called Shelter Plants.

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Larval Host Seeds

Butterflies rely on their Larval Host Plants. A 'Butterflyseed' is a larval host seed. If you grow a butterfly's larval host, you will grow those butterflies.

20 Years of Experience

Neary two decades of experience studying butterflies within the ecology of Florida's xeric uplands; from Passionvine to Prickly Pear.


With a heavy emphasis on endangered species, such as the Monarch Butterfly, we focus on education about North American butterflies and their larval host plants.

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To test the accuracy of a nitrate test kit that claims to read nitrate from 0 to 160 ppm, you can prepare standard nitrate solutions of known concentrations and then use the test kit to measure those concentrations. One common substance you can use to prepare a nitrate solution is potassium nitrate ((KNO_3)).

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